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About Wear To Buy

We are two sisters who have set out to reach the on-line world with Wear To Buy. With our retail experience and excellent relationship we decided this was a winning combination. Our retail experience consists of customer service, import coordinator and working for large brand names. We both possess strong work ethics, values, and college degrees, all of which complement a successful on-line business for us and our families. Our vision is that Wear To Buy would be the perfect place to buy for both Women and Children. Women and children around the globe would be able to shop Wear To Buy in the comfort of their own homes. Shoes are our main focus. Fashion forward trends, with stiletto heels, over the knee boots, and frayed denim slides are to be expected. When you ask " Where To Buy?" Our answer is "Wear To Buy!"

Boots for the Mood

Throughout history the essential form of the boot has been adapted to fit the needs of the wearer.   Materials vary as does form and style but the main purpose of the boot remains the same; to provide protection from the … Continue reading

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What Does Spring Mean To You?

  The spring season is full of transformations. The temperature rises to, in my opinion. a more comfortable level. The  leaves that once fell and flowers that blew away are now beginning to bloom. Aside from the weather’s transformations,  we … Continue reading

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